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Caitlin Klevorick

Caitlin Klevorick

Managing Director

Caitlin has spent more than a decade providing strategic counsel at the highest levels of government, campaigns, nonprofits, high profile individuals, and private sector companies. Whether a crisis situation or long-term strategic communications objective, she takes a holistic approach in analyzing challenges and opportunities, as well as in crafting and executing a plan to meet the client’s goal.

Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Advisor to Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, start-ups and high-profile individuals

Consultant to President Bill Clinton including during the 2008 presidential campaign

Consultant to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative

Communications strategist for NYC2012 Olympic Bid

DNC opposition researcher

Term Member at Council on Foreign Relations

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Caitlin Klevorick is a Managing Director at Mercury’s New York office.

Caitlin brings more than a decade of experience working at the highest levels of government and in public affairs, providing strategic communications and engagement counsel to campaigns, non-profits, and private-sector companies. With the deep belief that the effective strategies are holistic, Caitlin brings a 360-degree perspective to all she does. Caitlin’s clients include start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, international foundations, and high-profile individuals.

Before joining Mercury, Caitlin served as a Senior Advisor in the Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  In that role, she provided strategic guidance on developing events and long-term policy priorities. She worked closely with senior leaders in the Department, and across the Administration, on a wide range of major foreign policy issues, including the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, global food security, and Internet Freedom.

Caitlin worked on crisis situations, including the Haiti earthquake, the Japan triple disaster, and WikiLeaks, coordinating closely with senior officials from the White House, National Security Council, Department of Defense, and USAID. In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, Caitlin conceived of, and with a small team, launched the record-setting mobile giving Text Haiti campaign that raised more than $36 million leveraging social media, traditional media and grassroots engagement.

Prior to her service at the State Department, Caitlin worked with the 2008 Clinton presidential campaign, serving as an advisor to President Clinton providing communications, engagement strategies, and rapid response—a role she reprised during Secretary Clinton’s confirmation process. Caitlin was Vice President for a strategic communications firm, specializing in crisis management, celebrity positioning, research and strategic communications. Caitlin has also served as a consultant to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.  She was a key researcher for President Clinton’s three books My Life, Giving, and Back to Work, providing the President with informational memos and recommendations. In addition to research, she also helped provide content for Ambassador Felix Rohatyn on his book, Bold Endeavours.

Caitlin has advised national and state-wide political campaigns on communications, opposition research and policy.  She brought these skills to her work on the New York City Olympic bid (NYC2012) for which she engaged reporters and influencers both domestically and internationally.

Caitlin holds a BA with Distinction in Political Science from Yale University. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Fordham Law School.  She is a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Member of the NationSwell Council.