Hon. Fernando Ferrer


Fernando Ferrer is a Partner at Mercury and serves as Vice Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Ferrer also serves as a director of Sterling Bancorp, Sterling National Bank, the Regional Plan Association, and was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo as a member of the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

With over 25 years of innovative and accomplished leadership in New York City Government, Ferrer is nationally recognized as an architect for revitalizing American cities. During his over 14-year tenure as borough president of The Bronx, Ferrer designed and oversaw the largest urban rebuilding effort in the country, transforming what was once a national symbol of urban decay into an international model for urban revival.

On Ferrer’s watch, over 66,000 small homes and apartments were built, over 34,000 new jobs were created by hundreds of new businesses and over $2.5 billion were invested in institutional renewal and growth. Literacy, library and high-speed internet access initiatives were made possible in every Bronx public school.

In 1997, the Bronx revival was recognized by the National Civic League with the prestigious All-America City Award and in 1999, the borough’s innovative health care initiatives, including the groundbreaking Bronx Health Link, was saluted by City and County Magazine with the presentation of their Crown Community Award.

During his service as a member of the New York City Council representing the 13th District from 1982 to 1987, Ferrer authored the Police Padlock Law, the Window Guard Law and the first Civilian Complaint Review Board Law, as well as championing laws barring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and language, among others.

In 2001, Ferrer ran an historic campaign for Mayor of New York City, highlighting the issues which affect the lives of each and every New Yorker. In 2005, he won the Democratic Primary for Mayor, becoming the first Latino to ever do so in New York City history.

Ferrer served as President of the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a non-profit, progressive think tank dedicated to economic and social justice, as well as on the boards of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Project Renewal, Metropolitan College of New York and chaired the board of Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association. He also was a monthly opinion columnist for El Diario-La Prensa and the New York Daily News.

Ferrer was born in the Bronx on April 30, 1950. He earned his BA degree from the University Heights College of Arts and Sciences of New York University, and his MPA degree from Baruch College of the City University of New York. He has been awarded honorary degrees from Manhattan, Mercy, Herbert H. Lehman and Metropolitan Colleges, the Eugene J. Keogh Public Service Awards from the Alumni Association of New York University, as well as hundreds of awards from schools, community groups, institutions and faith communities.