Managing Director

The Managing Director is a full-time position that supports public affairs and business advisory efforts and engagement for both international and domestic client accounts and is responsible for generating new business. A Managing Director plays an integral role in crafting and executing strategies that help Mercury’s clients effectively advance their overall communications, public, policy, and/or strategic goals.

The position requires the employee to perform the following duties:

  • Generation of new business opportunities, grow current client relationships, and help create a positive organizational culture while providing superior direct and independent client services. (50%)
  • Successfully manage clients, increase capabilities, participate in pitches/presentations, and demonstrate knowledge of the overall business. (35%)
  • Execute and collect on services contracts based on local laws. (10%)
  • Manage personal R/E statement that will be assessed semi-annually. (5%)

Must have at least a Masters degree in Finance or Public Relations. Must have 12 months of experience in the advertised role or in a related position. Must have completed coursework in Corporate Finance, Business Analytics, Global Financial Markets and Institutions, and Financial Risk Management. Must be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Must be able to fly to client meetings in the United States and at International sites. Job Location: Washington, D.C.

To apply contact Bernardo Ribenboim – [email protected]