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Candace Sandy

Candace Sandy

Senior Vice President

Candace Sandy is a Senior Vice President at Mercury Public Affairs in New York. With over 20 years of experience in strategic and crisis communications, Candace Sandy provides expert counsel to CEOs, philanthropic organizations, sports, government, and business leaders. She has been at the forefront of major national issues, focusing on coalition building, community engagement, strengthening relationships, and uniting within diverse communities of color with public and private sectors goals.

Served as advisor to Dr. Gerrard P. Bushell, former CEO of the New Terminal One at JFK International Airport, contributed to a first-phase project financing valued at over $9 billion.

Former New York City mayoral appointee managing press and communications for a criminal justice agency under Mayors Bill DeBlasio and Eric Adams.

Served as press secretary and communications director for Congressman Gregory W. Meeks.

Worked on local, state, and national election campaigns, including Biden-Harris 2020, Hillary for America 2016, and Kerry-Edwards 2004.

Serves on the committee for the 100th Birthday Commemoration of Malcolm X 2025.

Co-authored the national bestselling book “Souls of My Sisters” and several other titles in the series.

A frequent lecturer and advocate for women’s causes, recognized with several awards and fellowships, including the WNBA New York Liberty Community Service Award.

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Candace Sandy is a communications strategist and best-selling author.

With a career spanning over two decades, her extensive experience and involvement on the front lines of national issues have enabled her to deliver unparalleled communication solutions.

At the onset of her political journey, Candace Sandy served as Congressman Gregory W. Meeks’s press secretary and later communications director. Her involvement in numerous high-profile, successful crisis media campaigns has earned her a solid reputation for diplomacy and consensus-building and showcased her unique ability to humanize stories and navigate complex and sensitive situations, leaving a lasting impact.

Moreover, Sandy’s career has been marked by her versatility, having held various advisory roles and communications positions in local, state, and national election campaigns. Her roles have included trusted advisor to Dr. Gerrard P. Bushell, former CEO of the New Terminal One (NTO) at John F. Kennedy International Airport. This visionary initiative aims to establish a premier international terminal pivotal in the Port Authority’s $19 billion transformation of JFK into a global hub for the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Sandy also provided communications support for the Biden-Harris North Carolina press team 2020, press secretary for Hillary for America Northern Nevada 2016 election campaign cycle, and specialty media press secretary for Kerry-Edwards Wisconsin Victory 2004 campaign cycle.

Sandy served as co-chair of the Women Voters USA, a nonpartisan campaign to increase civic and political participation and allow women to meet political and thought leaders to discuss challenges and concerns that are important to them.

While attending New York University, Sandy became the first woman of color to serve as the general manager of the New York University radio station WNYU 89.1 FM in its twenty-five-year history. This unique experience, coupled with her co-authorship of the national best-selling book Souls of My Sisters: Black Women Break Their Silence, Tell Their Stories, and Heal Their Spirits with Dawn Marie Daniels, showcases her diverse and impressive professional journey.

The Souls of My Sisters series struck a responsive chord that continues today. It is an intimate look at the contributors’ personal true stories and the tools that enabled them to create success and find inner peace. Women, including Mary J. Blige, Lisa Raye, T-Boz (of TLC), and Patti LaBelle, tell real stories of triumph in the series. Other titles in the Souls of My Sisters book series include Souls of My Brothers: Black Men Break Their Silence, Tell Their Truths and Heal Their Spirits, with a foreword from Isaac Hayes (Plume); Souls Revealed: A Souls of My Sisters Book of Revelations and Tools for Healing Your Life, with a foreword by Star Jones; It Happened In Church: Stories of Humor from the Pulpit to the Pews, written by Patti S. Webster, with a foreword by Pastor Donnie McClurkin; and He’s Gone … You’re Back: The Right Way to Get Over Mr. Wrong, written by Kerika Fields, with an afterword by Dr. Jan Burt; Tears to Triumph: Women Learn to Live and Thrive, written by Dawn Marie Daniels, Candace Sandy, and Dr. Jarralynne Agee; and Souls of My Young Sisters: Young Women Break Their Silence with Personal Stories that Will Change Your Life, with a foreword by Mary J. Blige and Madeline Smalls, written by Dawn Marie Daniels and Candace Sandy.

Sandy’s experience working alongside the former Chair of the New York City Council Women’s Issues Committee, Councilwoman Tracy Boyland, provided her the opportunity to bring her expertise to the plights of public health, poverty, domestic violence, crime, and financial literacy in some of the underserved communities in New York City.

Candace’s commitment to advocacy is unwavering. As a frequent lecturer, she tirelessly champions women’s causes and social justice issues, inspiring others with her dedication. Her recognition as a Radio Advertising Bureau Mercury AD/LAB Fellow, WNBA New York Liberty Community Service award recipient, and Future Focus Champion of Diversity and Inclusion further attest to her impactful contributions.  Sandy attended New York University and lives in the fantastic borough of Brooklyn.