Christina Johnson

Christina Johnson

Contract Administrator

Christina Johnson is a Florida-registered paralegal currently supporting Mercury, LLC’s legal operations and serving as the company’s contract administrator.

Expertise in a wide variety of civil litigation, including business law, contract law, family law, bankruptcy law, construction law, and appellate law.

Broad experience with service contracts, construction contracts, real estate contracts and employment matters.

Entrepreneurial experience as the prior owner of a successful construction company and property management firm.

Proficient in public relations, media, and logistics management for major events in the U.S. and Europe.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Administration in Public Management and a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University.

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Christina Johnson is a highly skilled and versatile professional based in Mercury’s Tampa office.  She is a Florida-registered paralegal supporting the company’s legal operations and serving as Mercury’s contract administrator.

Christina’s contracts and legal experience span a wide variety of areas, including business law, governmental law and administration, employment law, contract law, real estate law, construction law, bankruptcy law, and appellate law. This broad experience and expertise plays a crucial role in the company’s operations.

Christina prides herself on her diverse professional background.  Prior to her career in law and contract administration, Christina owned a construction company and a property management firm.  These experiences equipped her with a deep understanding of business operations and management, making her a well-rounded professional with a unique perspective on legal and business matters.

Christina’s professional journey extends beyond the legal realm. She has a remarkable track record as a public relations, media, and logistics manager for major boat racing events in both the United States and Europe. Her organizational and communication skills have played a pivotal role in the success of those high-profile events. Additionally, Christina has showcased her versatility as a spokesmodel and chief stewardess on super yachts.

Christina graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in public management and a minor in political science.  Her academic background complements her practical and professional experiences, providing her with a solid platform to help Mercury succeed in all its endeavors.