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Hannah Cho

Hannah Cho

Vice President

Hannah Cho is Vice President of Mercury’s California office and brings over 15 years of political, policy, and strategic public affairs experience in government, campaigns, and nonprofits in multiple states.

Served as Senior Policy Advisor to Los Angeles City Council President

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator at Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

Executive Board Member of California Democratic Party

Elected Central Committee Member and Senior Leadership at Los Angeles County Democratic Party

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Hannah Cho is Vice President and a political and policy strategist in Mercury Public Affair’s California office. She utilizes her vast network and diverse breadth of expertise accumulated over 15 years in the political, private, and public sectors in multiple states to win campaigns and find innovative solutions for her clients. She previously served as a Director at Veronica Perez & Associates.

Hannah’s prior experience includes being the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO which consists of over 300 affiliated union and labor organizations. In this role, Hannah facilitated projects and policy initiatives for a $20 million mutual aid grant to assist working families in the most underserved areas of Los Angeles County. Hannah has also served in senior leadership roles for elected officials in the California State Legislature and for the City of Los Angeles providing strategic counsel regarding legislation, public policy issues, and special projects.

Besides her work in the public sector, Hannah also has experience in the nonprofit sector in various roles among a wide range of organizations in size and scope of work including CARE, the Clean Air Campaign, and Operation HOPE.

Hannah is an Elected Member of the largest Democratic Party central committee in the United States and an Executive Board Member of the California Democratic Party. She has been involved in organizing and strategic planning for campaigns on every level of government as well as some local and state ballot measures.

Hannah is a graduate of the Glass Leadership Institute of the Anti Defamation League and the National Leadership Academy of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Leadership. She completed graduate coursework for her Master’s in Political Science and has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and minors in Hospitality and Non-Profit Management from Georgia State University.