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Tampa Bay Times: Obama’s Fla campaign ace leads new public affairs firm

Ashley Walker, the savvy strategist who led Barack Obama’s Florida campaign last year, is helping lead a new public relations/lobbying firm as Floridian Partners (Rodney Barreto, Brian May,Charlie Dudley, Pat Maloy, Robert Reyes, Gary Ashley Walker Guzzo and Jorge Chamizo) start a joint venture with with the national firm Mercury. Mercury Florida will be led by Walker and veteran Republican strategist Kieran Mahoney. Also, Republican National Committee political director Rick Wiley is joining Mercury. Mercury and Floridian Partners will continue providing their clients with services as always.

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Washington Post: Mercury’s D.C. shop adds more Democrats

National public affairs firm Mercury and its Washington lobbying unit, Mercury are on a mission to diversify.

For a firm known for its ties to national Republican politicians John McCain and Mitt Romney, that means two things: More Democrats, and more state-level lobbying. Both initiatives are part of co-Chairman Hon. Vin Weber strategy to make the firm more bipartisan and full-service.

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